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November 14, 2010
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cure or kill autism now by samuelandrews cure or kill autism now by samuelandrews
cure autism now aka kill autism now
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scholarwarrior-lad May 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I think I get it. If you look at the politics of places like autism speaks it makes more sense.
ErraticBASARAfan May 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I would support the cure for autism! Although i think i already know a cure...unfortunately, it does not work for any case with IQ under 60.
what is the cure?
ErraticBASARAfan Aug 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
One needs to forcibly engage sufferers in social activity, and ignore protests or distress cries. In time, they can be reformed, as they learn the importance and faculty of social interaction. But those with IQ lower than 60 are likely retarded beyond this method. A friend of mine has also stated it may be better to euthanize those who succumb.

It is unfortunate and maybe awful how doctors who "study" the condition actually describe it as unnecessarily complex and broad.

Luckily, [autism] cannot be born with.
"One needs to forcibly engage sufferers in social activity, and ignore protests or distress cries. In time, they can be reformed, as they learn the importance and faculty of social interaction."

Nawwwwwwwww, really? Like I was fucking forced to when I was a kid? Guess what? I still have difficulty reading invisible social cues, knowing what others are thinking, and have gotten weird looks when I said the wrong thing without realizing it, had people randomly decide I'm "creepy" for some reason I can't make out, and all sorts of shit.

I mean, do you honestly think autistics aren't thrown into the fucking public school system the same as everyone else and forced to interact? The thing is we have a fucking disability. It's not a choice, it doesn't vanish because you forced the kid to learn that talking to other people is important. The result is simply an inevitable bully victim and "freak" who is dumped on by their peers. 

I wasn't "reformed". Did I eventually get better over time? Yes, but that's relative. 

You know that only about 1/3 of autistics have jobs, and the vast majority are underemployed, not getting paid shit? That's how it is in my case. I can't afford a house. I'm playing the god damn stock market to try to get some kind of future for my retarded ass self, and I have no idea how it will play out.

Maybe you should research autism before you give these kinds of uninformed opinions.
ErraticBASARAfan Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Social cues? Invisible!? What about the audible? Tone of voice, perhaps…

Oh i see…neurotypicals these days are shrill, heartleß bullies. And they were when I was in highschool too. Luckily for you i'm not one of them. In fact, these black-and-white viewpoints are exceedingly frustrating.

Also, diagnosed autistics in my day were in constant danger of transfer to special schools. Myself...i sure proved my folks wrong. My ma HATED that. Damnable politics are to blame for the most part.
isnt that whats school is for... being forced into a building with other people and being forced to socialise?
also isnt killing people with autism a bit drastic? i mean they are fellow human beings! i myself has aspergers and yes life is hard and a struggle and i cant really socialise but i dont really want to die... im only 14.
ErraticBASARAfan Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Not exactly. Schools don't force people to socialize with each other, but they might as well, since they will be together for quite some time. In fact, children are sent to school only in order to learn.
What we meant by euthanasia is to euthanize only those who have succumbed. But i can tell you haven't, so you should be safe.
so if i fallow your logic trying to cure cancer is judt killing cancer so is that evil too? You are just a good for nothing scum bag who lies to the world so that we all get scared of change you republican bastard
Sorry but that's a faulty comparison. Cancers is when one of your cell goes rogue and tries to eat the rest of the organism. You are not born with it nor does it make you who you are. Autism is when your brain is wired differently than other peoples. You are born with it and it does make you who you are. Furthermore peoples on natural bodies can defend against cancer. It is not the same with autism. Autism and cancer have no (real) similarities with each other. and extremely offensive to compare the two. If cure cancer you save a person's life. If you cure autism you change what makes that person them and (depending on how you view life) you kill them.

Naivety on this matter is extremely disturbing.
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